The XX Factor

Share Your Secret Sex Fantasies

We know, that sounds like a headline pop-up blockers were made for. But we’re serious. This week, DoubleX is launching a new blog called The Desire Lab: Exploring Sex and Passion . The blog is designed to be one part confession, one part research, and we need your help. It will be moderated by Daniel Bergner , who wrote this fabulous New York Times Magazine story, “What Do Women Want?” Learning from the experiences of individual women and the experiments of scientists, he is now turning the article into a book.

Daniel, the author of three award-winning books of journalism, will regularly ask a question inspired by the current explorations of sex researchers and by your contributions. We invite you to send him candid, thorough answers to It may feel strange to type out things you’ve never shared with anyone. But try it. This is an ambitious project. Consider the blog a place to safely explore passions and lusts, longings and ideas. Our hope is to create a community moderated by Daniel, who will continue to pose questions and move the conversation along.

The identities of everyone who writes in will be kept secret. We will publish many of the answers on the blog, and Daniel may e-mail you back to learn more for his book.

Here is his first question:

What role does sexual fantasy play in your life? Some researchers say that erotic fantasy does not play a major role in women’s lives. Little is truly known. How often-and when-do you fantasize about sex? What are the fantasies? How long do they last? We at DoubleX hope you will get deeply into the details. Understanding lies in such depth.

Photograph of woman with handcuffs on homepage by Digital Vision.