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Recession Briefing 9.3

With housing prices still in the dumps, more Americans are finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of renting out their homes. Many are finding that rent checks don’t come close to covering their mortgage payments. ( Wall Street Journal )

To the long list of reasons American companies aren’t hiring - business losses, tight credit, consumer retrenchment - add the fact that many of their older workers are unable, or afraid, to retire. ( New York Times )

A new study finds that the recession has left many jobless workers struggling to cope with the psychological stress caused by becoming unemployed in a weak economy . ( Associated Press )

Many job seekers are willing to accept as little as half of what they were making before, if it means finding a job. ( CNN/Money )

Vice President Joe Biden is playing the role of White House voice of optimism about an economic recovery today at the Brookings Institution, saying the $787-billion economic stimulus that Obama signed into law in February is working better “than we had hoped.” ( Tribune Media/The Swamp )

A struggling real estate broker is being forced into bankruptcy by the Washington Redskins , who sued to hold her to a 10-year season tickets contract. ( Washington Post )

More people are going on camping trips due to the weak economy , trying to save money by enjoying  a simpler existence. ( Los Angeles Times )

Although the recession isn’t officially over yet, there is a growing sense that the economy is now in a recovery. But there is also a growing debate about who deserves the credit. ( CNN/Money )

Productivity and factory orders are up as the economy continues to flash signals that the recession is coming to an end. ( Associated Press )

The heads of the 20 banks that have received the biggest government bailouts were paid nearly 40 percent more last year than other CEOs , a study shows. ( Huffington Post )