The XX Factor

Parody Heaven: “Mad Women” Suck Lollipops, Sell Jockstraps

The flurry of and endlessly changing discussion surrounding AMC television hit Mad Men is to be expected. But the water cooler conversation, creative fan tributes, and shrewd, encyclopedic commentary are often totally out of left field. Of the many branching forms of homage, this video parody, featuring an all-female Sterling Cooper, is the funniest. Watch as the female account executives ogle their male assistants (the crotch shot at 0:53 is not to be missed), and the assistants in turn scheme about getting a wealthy woman to light “a fire in the bed.” In this world, men don’t write (“Who would answer the phones?”),  but one roguish man-cretary decides he has “bigger plans”-and something to say about that “relaxicizer” his female bosses are having such a tough time understanding.

Image is a screenshot.