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Michelle Malkin Is as “Vulnerable” as a Wrecking Ball

Lloyd Grove interviews conservative rabblerouser Michelle Malkin for the Daily Beast and is surprised to find that she is “vulnerable” and gets upset when she gets death threats from readers. I would imagine that Malkin herself would object to the framing of this article, titled “Michelle Malkin Has Feelings, Too.” She’s an intentional provocateur who can dish it out as well as she can take it. So why does Grove need to paint her as a delicate widdle girl?

This is a woman who defended the WWII Japanese internment camps. She has a long-running campaign on her blog against Michelle Obama, whom she refers to as the “First Crony.” And yet, I would say about 50 percent of this interview is devoted to outlining the hardships that Malkin has overcome-racism, sexism from “liberal bloggers” and “so-called progressives.” Certainly these things are deplorable. But in no universe is Michelle Malkin a shrinking violet. Would anyone write an article claiming that Rahm Emanuel was really a “vulnerable” guy who went home and cried when people vehemently opposed him after his expletive-laden rants? No, they would not.

Photograph of Michelle Malkin by Peter Kramer/Staff/Getty Images.