The XX Factor

Looks Like Rompers Are Here to Stay

I thought I was doing my part as a service journalist to destroy the romper , that henious, infantilizing insult to adult women everywhere. But apparently the romper will never die. According to Anamaria Wilson’s fashion week coverage in the Huffington Post , “The jaunty romper, too, is back at Jason Wu and Derek Lam . Editors galore were also rocking the look Sunday at the tents.”

I had hoped that rompers were going to be the next boyfriend jean: a style pushed for a season (or three) by designers, adopted by a number of super-svelte celebrities, but generally rejected by the public (look at the clearance rack at any denim purveyor and you will find those schlumpy, holey jeans in residence). Unfortunately, it looks like rompers are actually like the skinny jean. A trend originally bemoaned by many, but eventually accepted as part of mainstream women’s wear. Sigh.