The Happiness Project

If I Came to Your Town, Would You Come See Me?

As I may have casually mentioned once or twice before, I have a book coming out in December. Yes, it’s true!

Although it’s still very early, it’s time to think about the book tour. Although we’re all familiar with the idea of author appearances at local bookstores, writers are doing far, far less touring than in the past. It’s expensive, and, for the most part, it’s an ineffective way of shining a spotlight on a book. Most books just don’t draw a crowd of any size at all, and often now, there is no proper book tour for a book.

As part of the book-tour consideration, I’d love to get a feel for how much interest there is here. So I’m going to ask for help : If you truly think you’d try to come to an event for The Happiness Project , if I came to your town, would you please add a comment below?

Or, if you’d rather, shoot me an e-mail. Note “Tour” in the subject line to grubin[at]gretchenrubin[dot com] . (Sorry about the weird format—trying to thwart spammers).

Just write something like “Yes, I’d try to come if you did a book event in FILL IN THE NAME OF YOUR TOWN.” If you’d bring friends, add “and I’d bring some friends.”

These responses (or lack of responses) will be enormously useful to have. Thanks!