The XX Factor

Bananas in Pajamas

I’m with you, Jessica . Is there really anything left to say about Levi Johnston and the endless mean-spirited dirt he is willing to dish? His new Vanity Fair as-told-to piece leaves no stereotype behind, trashing Sarah Palin as a crap mother, cook, hockey mom, wife, and governor all in one go. And in the way of narcissists everywhere, he also makes himself the modest hero of the Palin clan-grilling meat for their half-starved children; teaching poor Sarah to shoot a gun. But wait. There’s more. Because according to Levi :

When Sarah got home from her office-almost never later than five and sometimes as early as noon-she usually walked in the door, said hello, and then disappeared into her bedroom, where she would hang out. Sometimes she’d take an hour-long bath. Other times she sat on the living-room couch in her two-piece pajama set from Wal-mart-she had all the colors-with her hair down, watching house shows and wedding shows on TV.

So Palin, you see, isn’t just a terrible governor, mother, and wife. She’s also Mrs. Roper !

Photograph by Getty Images.