You’re Invited to a Slate Wine Tasting

Compare your palate with our critic’s.

Update: To all our readers planning to taste remotely via Twitter: Due to a delayed shipment of the Domaine des Aubisieres Vouvray Silex, we will instead taste the Hermanos Pecina Rioja Crianza 2003, $19.95. This wine, and all the others, are available at Aulden Cellars in New York ( www.aulden.com or (212) 894-1990), or through winesearcher.com.

Ever wondered whether wine writers, with all their talk of cherries and berries and flowers and minerals, are full of it, or whether you, too, might be able to catch a whiff of these aromas in a glass of wine? Here’s your chance to find out. If you’re going to be in New York onAug. 26, you’re invited to a tasting Slate is sponsoring in conjunction with Sotheby’s and Aulden Cellars. We will be pouring six different wines:

Domaine des Aubisières Vouvray Silex 2007, $16.95
Les Héritiers du Comte Lafon Macon 2007, $21.95
Domaines Ott Côte de Provence Rosé les Domaniers 2008, $18.95
Jean-Paul Brun/Domaine des Terres Dorées Beaujolais l’Ancien 2008, $15.95
Betts & Scholl Grenache O.G. 2006, $24.95
Ruinart NV Blanc de Blancs, $64.95

We’ll be offering tickets to the first 50 people to respond to this posting. If you’d like to attend, e-mail slatewinersvp@slate.com. If you’re selected, we’ll send you further details on the whereabouts of the event. (Ticketholders are responsible for their own transportation.)

If you can’t join us in New York, we’d love for you to play along at home. I’ll be posting my tasting notes in real time on Twitter—my nom de tweet is SlateWine—and we’ll ask readers both at the tasting and at home to post their own notes as well, using the hashtag #SlateWine. All six wines can be purchased through Aulden Cellars, www.aulden.com or (212) 894-1990. Alternatively, you can go to www.winesearcher.com to see where they might be available near you. If you want to taste remotely, start following the SlateWine Twitter feed (@SlateWine) for updates and reminders about the event. On Aug. 26, starting at 6:30 p.m., search the hash tag #SlateWine to view a live stream of tasting notes, and tweet using #SlateWine to chime in with your thoughts. We’ll also be aggregating the Tweets on a Slate page, so Twitter-averse Slate readers can follow the discussion.

I look forward to sniffing, swilling, and spitting with you on the 26th.