The XX Factor

Woman Pregnant With 12 Babies!

There are times when I think we should just embrace the mommy wars and stage actual wrestling matches-celebrity smackdowns with XXtreme Moms. This one week is one such moment. On one side, all the way from Tunisia, we have our latest entry into Mad Momdom. She is so MOM we don’t even have a name for her yet, as she is pregnant with 12 babies -Dodecamom? Faced with this fact, she and her husband express only … gratitude. “Our joy increased with the growing number,” her husband told the Sun . On the other side, we have the slew of American moms who can feel utterly overwhelmed by just one child, so overwhelmed that by 4 p.m. they just have to pop the cork and find themselves soused before dinner-but not so soused that they can’t blog about it. These Cocktail Moms, as they’re known, are showing their full rage this week as one of them has broken ranks and gone sober. Whose side are you on-Dodecamom, or the Cocktail Moms?

Photograph by Getty Images.