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What Flavor Republican, Then?


Like you, I am interested in Texas’ gubernatorial race but not actually invested in it. I’m not from Texas, but I am a Republican woman, and I like to see female politicians helping to shape the party. (I would have loved to see Kay Bailey Hutchison as McCain’s VP candidate.)

Your post , though, raised a question for me. Is there any kind of Republican you would vote for? I ask sincerely and without snark, since there are, I admit, very few Democrats that I could see myself voting for. Hutchison is pro-choice and what I would consider moderate on immigration. Her voting record, as you point out, is pretty conservative . But she has a reputation for civility, for hearing out the other side. Frankly, I think both parties could benefit from more politicians who talk rather than shout.

If you’re looking for a Republican who’s pro-choice, moderate on immigration, for health-care reform, and against the Second Amendment, it sounds like what you really want is a … Democrat. So I’ll make you a deal: Tell me about your ideal GOPster and I’ll try to find a few Dems I could put up with.