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TV Tweet “Mad Men” With Double X on Sunday

I’m gearing up for the intense decade envy sure to set in when I watch the season premiere of Mad Men on Sunday night. Pity the aughts; we just can’t compete with the crisp suits, crystal decanters, and Bloody Mary breakfast meetings of the ’60s. And we may have brought back the pencil skirt, but it’s not the same when Joan’s not wearing it.

Still, there’s one thing that 2009 has to offer that the Mad Men time period can’t compete with. (Well, two-we have Mad Men .) Yep, Twitter. So on Sunday night, a crew of Double X ers, and we hope a bunch of you, will gather in the Twitterverse to discuss the show live. You don’t have to be an expert Twitterer to take part. Here’s all it takes:

-Log onto Twitter by 9:59 p.m. on Sunday.
-Search for #xxmadmen to see what’s been said.
-If you have a comment, be sure to append #xxmadmen to the end, so everyone in the TV-Tweet group sees it.
-Use the @ system when responding to other TV Tweeters, so they know you’ve replied. (For Twitter novices, that means you say @theirname when you’re responding to someone.)

You’ll also probably want to follow those of us who will be taking part: Hanna , Jessica , June , Nina , Noreen , and me . No word yet whether Ashton and Shaq will be joining.

Photograph of the Mad Men cast copyright 2009 American Movie Classics Company LLC. All rights reserved.