The XX Factor

Their Chinny Chin Chins

John Edwards is apparently about to acknowledge that he is father of Rielle Hunter’s baby girl. A photo of the baby in last year’s National Enquirer was as good as a DNA test, so much did she look like Edwards, down to their shared dimpled chins.

Of course the confession is an anticlimax after Edwards’ various assertions: from there was no climax with Rielle and it was a top aide who was the father, to maybe there was a climax with Rielle, but just one, to that one time couldn’t have resulted in a child because of timing issues, to “Daddy!” Surely this guy will have the decency to finally slink off the public stage. And not because he had an affair, but because he is a sleazy, shape-shifting, phony populist, self-admitted narcissist, and liar.

As for Elizabeth, yes, you have to go easy on someone who is facing terminal cancer. But again, why did she drag her family through months of questions about this just so she could flog a book? And I always cringed when she said that even if the baby was Edwards’, which she had no opinon on (Yeah, sure!), it wouldn’t make any difference because the child would have nothing to do with her life. Well, sorry. If your husband has fathered a child with another woman, your children now have a halfsibling, and your husband has both moral and financial obligations to the child he has produced.

Photograph of John Edwards by Eric Thayer.