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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” Catwalks All Over “Project Runway”

Hanna, I’m with you that last night’s Proj Run was a lackluster event. But the thing that’s really going to make me stray from Heidi and Tim is their competition: Lifetime is airing the show at the same time as Bravo airs Real Housewives of Atlanta. If you’re not familiar with the backstory, Runway used to be on Bravo until the Weinstein Company sold the show to Lifetime. Bravo was distinctly unhappy about this sale. After a lengthy court battle with hundreds of millions of dollars wasted, Lifetime was given the go-ahead to air the show. Bravo is clearly not taking this lying down, as they’re putting their marquee show (t he ratings for RHoA have been boffo this season) up against Runway . Earlier this week, Choire Sicha at the Daily Beast even handicapped the Housewives/Runway reality tv brawl .

I knew that the shows were both airing at 10 p.m. yesterday, so I did what any modern girl would do: set my DVR to record both. I watched Proj Run first, and like Hanna, was disappointed at this new, zombie Runway . The contestants this season are a little emo for my taste-everyone’s a crier. And poor guest judge Lindsay Lohan. Her eyes had about as much life in them as roadkill, and she delivered incredibly bland commentary in a monotone voice. That spunky teen from Mean Girls is pretty much history.

Onto Real Housewives . Even though this week’s drama couldn’t compare with last week’s wig-pulling , there was still much to enjoy. Kim fired her nanny (whilst getting that damaged wig repaired) because she left the kids alone to go buy tampons; everyone still hates Kim, except for the new girl Kandi; everyone goes to a party and talks smack behind Kim and Kandi’s backs. One could argue that watching Project Runway in real-time is more important than watching Housewives night-of, because someone actually gets voted off. But part of the joy of watching Housewives for me is talking to my few Atlanta-obsessed friends the next day and saying, “OMG, did you see what NeNe did last night?” I’m giving Project Runway one more week to impress me. Otherwise, auf Wiedersehen, Heidi.