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Murder Mom

Are the rest of you as horrifyingly riveted by the Diane Schuler story as I am? This monstrous woman put her son and daughter and three nieces in the car, downed the equivalent of 10 shots of Vodka (she was probably just pouring the bottle into her mouth), got stoned on pot, then took them all for a wild, 60-mile ride that ended with her driving the wrong way on a New York freeway, killing everyone but her son. There is, of course, mad speculation as to what happened the morning of the crash when Schuler and her husband, who had been camping with the kids, parted to drive home separately. The police say they are getting ” limited information ” from the family, but I assume the story will eventually come out. It’s hard not to speculate that this was a Medea-like act on Schuler’s part. In the comments section of the New York Daily News , a poster calling himself ” DougInHouston ” came to the same same conclusion, and told his own chilling tale:

39 years ago, on the day my dad told my mom that he was leaving us for another women, she drove the car head-one [sic] into a tree. I was in the front seat and my two sisters were in the back. It was a biga$$ car so luckly none of us were seriously injured. I took the worst of it, cracked skull and broken arm from smashing into the dash board. And yes I had my seat belt on. Back then we only had lap belts… no shoulder harnesses. She said she couldn’t see because of the tears in her eyes. But I could see her and she wasn’t crying. She was just really really mad.