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Jessica Biel Might Give You a Nasty Virus


We all know that celebrity gossip can wreck your brain, but apparently it can also wreck your computer. Cybercriminals use our insatiable lust for celebrity minutiae to lure surfers to malicious websites. And according to the security tech company McAfee-which just released its third annual report on the riskiest celebrities in cyberspace- Jessica Biel is the interweb’s most dangerous famous person.

Fans who Google “Jessica Biel” apparently have a one in five chance of ending up on a website that’s tested positive for threats like spyware, phishing, or viruses-making her more dangerous than Beyoncé or Jessica Simpson, and far more dangerous than last year’s winner, Brad Pitt, who’s currently hanging out at #10.

Team Aniston, rejoice: Your girl won this contest-Jen rates #3, while Angelina Jolie ties with Megan Fox for #8.

( Via the AP .)

Photograph of Jessica Biel by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images.