The XX Factor

Did You Just Diss My ‘Do?

Hanna , I also flipped through How Not to Act Old in a state of mild confusion-I love to text and Twitter (young!), but I prefer high-waisted pants and concerts that end at a decent hour (ancient!). I suspect these minuses and pluses all even out and leave me at … my actual age. Oh, well, at least that’s easy to remember.

However, I must take issue with one thing you said: The “dowdy” “mom” coiffure is the same as the “butch dyke” ‘do (hereafter the BDD)? Rilly? I’ve sported the BDD for some years now, and I think you’ve misread its message. You seem to think that the BBD is saying, “I’ve stopped spending ages futzing with my hair each morning because I’m old and I’ve given up taking the trouble to make myself presentable.” You’re so wrong. In fact, it says, “Check out my awesome hair, which was achieved without applying chemicals or spending precious minutes blowing hot air at my head. (And just think how even more fabulous it would look if I made the slightest effort.)” It is, as the French might say, insouciant.

BTW, I can’t believe you admitted to vacationing in France, which, Pamela Redmond Satran points out, is strictly for the wrinklies. If you want to be phat and youthful, you’ve got to go to Berlin, Croatia, Syria, or Libya. See you in Dubrovnik!