The XX Factor

Blagojevich, Fabio, and Levi, Oh My!

So Blagojevich and Fabio walk into a karaoke bar. No, really. Via New York magazine.

And as if that’s not enough (although, really, it is), enter the second generation of guys embracing their firm position as the butt of the joke. Levi Johnston, sweet monosyllabic Levi Johnston, is taking a cue from Grandma Palin and keeping himself in the spotlight by serving as arm candy and live bait for Kathy Griffin, first as her date to the Teen Choice Awards , and then as a guest on Larry King Live , which Griffin was hosting. (Also via New York .)

It’s a bit of a one-note gag, with all the zingers, unsurprisingly, coming from Griffin. (Johnston, for his part, grunts good-natured affirmations.) On where to pin the corsage Levi brought her: “There’s my bosom, not that you haven’t seen it, tiger.” On her plan to move to Wasilla with him: “Tell me about our love igloo.” On the date night: “Do you have any scars from last night? I have a bruise in a naughty place.” But Levi takes the mockery in stride. At the Teen Choice Awards, after Griffin has made fun of him for being a hunter and joked that she’s going to slip him the date rape drug, she asks him what he thinks of Britney’s comeback. “I don’t really pay attention to other women,” he responds.

Photograph of Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.