The XX Factor

And What Christina Hendricks Does to Her Hair

Lauren, that Esquire story about Christina Hendricks had me gagging too (although I do confess to ogling the photos). That’s why I’m glad they showed Christina Hendricks in awful curlers on Mad Men last night. Those intermittent scenes of behind-the-scenes Joanie-the red welt from her bra strap from last season, the Streetcar Named Desire curlers scene from last night, the office rape-are small reminders to the slobbering masses that Joanie has more in common with Marily than she’d want.

As for the curves-your description of our schizophrenia about plumpness brings to mind yesterday’s New York Times bestseller lists . Sharing the pulp advice section were a couple of titles involving Julia Child-add three sticks of butter to everything-and Hungry Girl: 200 Under 200 , Skinny Bitch and Cook Yourself Thin .