The XX Factor

Abstinence Is … Sexy?

Via the blog Sociological Images : The Candie’s Foundation-a nonprofit organization founded by the shoe company of the same name-has a new weapon in its mission against “the devastating consequences of teenage pregnancy.” And it looks super cute with flip-flops!

Just $15 plus shipping and handling gets you a tight tank top with the slogan ” I’m SEXY enough … to keep you waiting ” emblazoned across the chest. Waiting until when, exactly-after dinner and a movie? I would never argue that a woman is “asking for it” with her wardrobe choices. But you’ve got to admit, having the word sexy displayed across your breasts in bright pink capital letters … well, it encourages people to look at your breasts and think about sex. If you really wanted to make a tank top that encourages teenagers to take it slow, why not make one that says, “HEY, WHY DON’T YOU TRY LOOKING ME IN THE EYES?”

Also, as Sociological Images points out, the tank top is designed for girls-making it clear that they bear the responsibility for keeping horny boys at bay. Because, you know, it’s never the girl who wants to rush things. (Jezebel weighs in here .)

What do you think-brilliantly counterintuitive marketing, or total PSA failure?