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Who Knew There’d be a Bright Side?

This is one of several reader responses we’ve published responding to the question “What have you given up in the recession?” Read more reader responses and Emily Bazelon’s related story on recession concessions . Next question: What haven’t you given up, despite the recession? Send answers to us at .

Due to this recession, I’ve had to give up my weekly bottle(s) of wine and eating whatever I had a hankering for at the time, i.e, Chipotle, Wendy’s, Chinese, pizza, sushi, etc. Just recently, I was met with the difficult decision in buying a pack of Oreos or to ignore such cravings and save money. (I had the hubby buy a snack pack, which is cheaper than buying a family size pack—problem solved). Needless to say, there are some positives with being on a super tight budget:

1. I’m probably a little healthier (minus the benefits from my daily glass of red wine)

2. Maybe a little slimmer (although I’m petite/average for my height)

3. Have learned to cook several new meals to substitute/satisfy those cravings

4. And a stronger will power to say, “No” to wants

Although it’s uncomfortable, my goods still outweigh my bads, and will only cause me to appreciate wine and fast food even more.