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Welcome to Your Comeback

Anyone whose annual rhythm is more in sync with the school rather than the calendar year knows that summer is the season of transition. So this is the perfect time to launch Your Comeback.

Remember how you’d leave one class or grade behind in May, June, or July and laze around in a sunny state of limbo before moving to the next level in the fall? Maybe that’s what you’re doing right now.

Or maybe you now have your own kids and are experiencing the next generation’s state of limbo slightly differently. You might be cobbling together a million different activities, none of which seem to start or end at a convenient time of day. You’re probably clocking hundreds of miles ferrying small people around from sports to play-dates and home again. You could be incredibly busy, pretty hot, and occasionally longing for September when everyone can move on.

That’s the thing about transition-it tends not to feel real. It can be a disconcerting place to live. There’s no going back, but who knows what’s next?

If any of this strikes a chord, then welcome to Your Comeback, the page for women whose lives are on the move. This July, I’d like to think of the section as a kind of back porch blog. It’s a place to come, cool off, relax, and feel at home while you deal with the changes in your schedule or your life. We’ll share stories and tips, recipes and resources. We’ll post by writing, sending in pictures and slides and uploading audio and video content.

Whether you’re leaving home, moving back in, getting married or divorced, having a baby, becoming an empty-nester, starting work, being laid off, or creating your own business, you are welcome. You’re welcome to come and read, listen or watch, but you’re also welcome to contribute. And we would love you to. You can post or you can send your contributions to me ( ).

A successful comeback is about connecting or re-connecting as you move forward. The summer is a great time for us to start. If your car is constantly tuned to Radio Disney (as mine is this year), you’ll be able to join me as I sing: “We’re all in this together!”

Photograph of Emma Gilbey Keller courtesy of the author.