The XX Factor

The Loser’s Lap of Luxury

Everyone I talk to these days is either going through some topsy turvy, Saturn Return -influenced life change or is just happy to remain gainfully employed. We’ve all cut back (or at least pretended to cut back) on the luxuries: dinners out, vacations to exotic locales like Jones Beach, wash-n-fold service at the laundromat. But in the Olsen tenement decorating continues apace. Or at a snail’s pace, I should say.

Since The Big Crash I’ve been trying to stay all Zen and eschew attachments (swing-arm lamps, flea market art), BUT I JUST CAN’T. I need stuff. I can’t sleep on a tatami mat and wear the same smock every single day. And I would give my eye teeth for an ice machine (pictured) … oh, never to handle another ice tray, what bliss! After all, I’m from the South where ice is a right and not a privilege. So what’s the one household/decorating luxury you aspire to, revised for third quarter 2009? Will you splurge on _________ now that the Dow’s up almost 3000 points since March?

You know what, I am gonna buy that pair of swing-arms . Mainly because they plug in and I can take them with me to the halfway house if necessary, but I also need the light. ConEdison is my new luxury brand!