The XX Factor

Since You Ass-ked

If I’m reading your question right, Samantha, I think you’re asking me to tell you what I think of Mary Louise Parker’s ass.

I think it is overexposed. I feel about MLP’s tush the same way that I felt after the BBC ran a series of Glenda Jackson movies, and I saw her breasts every Sunday night for an entire oyster season. It/they are lovely, but give me a break already with the flaunting and the taunting.

I like Weeds -even though the show got lost after Season 3 when it shifted from using black folks to school the Botwin family in the ways of the drug business and the nature of privilege to having Latinos fulfill that role-but I do sometimes wish it were set in Minnesota rather than California so that Mary Louise Parker might occasionally don a big down parka over those skimpy little outfits.