The XX Factor

Recession Briefing 7.6

Vice-President Joe Biden yesterday admitted that the Obama Administration “misread” the economy earlier this year . ( ABC News )

As galleries close and art nonprofits suffer from cutbacks in funding and the loss of support from private institutions, the recession is adding new meaning to “struggling artist.” ( Gotham Gazette )

Tens of thousands of laid-off workers have turned to retraining as a lifeline. Yet for all the popularity of these government-financed programs, there are questions about whether they actually work. ( New York Times )

The collapse in home prices is finally beginning to hit the country’s wealthiest neighborhoods. ( ABC News )

Why the current recession is hitting men harder than women. ( Wall Street Journal )

Mounting job losses rattled hopes last week that the economy is on track to grow later this year, showing that prospects for American workers are terrible - and still getting worse. ( Washington Post )

With the recession making Americans cautious about their spending, suburban arts and theater groups are working harder to promote their small-town advantages - especially an easier commute and cheaper ticket prices. ( USA Today )

The economic recession has reversed a 20-year decline in world poverty and is likely to add up to 90 million to the ranks of the hungry in 2009 , the United Nations said today. ( Reuters )

Credit the recession for “staycations” and bringing us more game-night parties at home. But also give it a shout for spurring more first dates. ( Associated Press )

American Prospect Editor Robert Kuttner gives three reasons why Americans need an economic wake-up call. ( Huffington Post )