The XX Factor

Recession Briefing 7.20

As they ride out the economic recession, some American rodeos are bucking the hard times while others are sitting on the fence . ( Associated Press )

540,000 Americans will exhaust their unemployment insurance benefits by the end of September, and a whopping 1.5 million will run out of coverage by the end of the year. ( National Employment Law Project )

Federalism, often described as one of the great strengths of the American system, has become a serious impediment to reversing the downturn. ( New Yorker )

College graduates from the class of 2009 who have been able to find jobs are landing starting salaries comparable to those offered a year ago , a new report finds. ( South Florida Business Journal )

Check out this interactive map showing which states have been worst-hit by the unemployment crisis. ( Huffington Post )

Surprisingly, Americans are feeling less stress from debt these days. ( Associated Press )

The way the term “recession-proof” is tossed around these days, practically the entire economy seems to qualify. But, in truth, no job is immune. ( Chicago Tribune )

A look at behavioral economics suggests that changes in consumer habits are for the long haul . ( Adweek )

The skittishness about a recovery from the current recession may stem from the concerns that unemployment is so pervasive that the notion of a “jobless recovery” is no longer compelling. See also: Recessionwire’s tabs on the various predictions. ( Daily Finance , Recessionwire )

Are the states hit hardest by the recession receiving the least stimulus money? ( FoxNews )