The XX Factor

Recession Briefing 7.17

A roadside billboard campaign funded by an anonymous  donor tells motorists “Self worth is greater than net worth” and “This will end long before those who caused it are paroled.” ( Associated Press )

Most people believe the economic downturn has led to more gang violence , according to a new national survey. ( Associated Press )

Economist Nouriel Roubini said yesterday the worst of the financial crisis is over and reiterated that the recession may end this year. ( Bloomberg )

“It’s a good thing this epic recession is an opportunity to ‘reset’ our culture, as Kurt Andersen tells us, or slough off the chains of corporatism, as per Douglas Rushkoff,” writes John Cook. ” Otherwise it would really suck for all the unemployed people. ” ( Gawker )

The recession is reminding Americans of a lesson they first learned in childhood: Share and share alike . They are sharing or swapping tools and books, cars and handbags, time and talent. ( Washington Post )

How companies can start planning for a big comeback once the recession is over. ( Inc. )

Just because we’re in a recession doesn’t mean it’s okay to tip less at restaurants. ( Associated Press )

Jason Mannino has five tips for negotiating a higher salary during the recession . ( Huffington Post )

The government is considering a proposal to allow homeowners to stay in their home as renters after a foreclosure. ( Washington Post )

The foreclosure crisis - which has been concentrated in Arizona, California, Florida, and Nevada - is beginning to spill over to neighboring states. ( Christian Science Monitor )