The XX Factor

Recession Briefing 7.1

An increasing number of parents are trying to get their babies into the modeling business in the U.K., and baby-modeling agents  posit that parents might be doing this to earn extra money in the recession. ( New York /Daily Intel )

Home prices were down 18%, year-over-year, in April. ( Associated Press )

If a nationwide trend seen since January holds true, more than 300 businesses will file for bankruptcy - today alone. ( USA Today )

The recession hasn’t spared pro athletes , and increasing numbers of them are finding themselves in dire financial straits. ( Fanhouse )

The Detroit metro area continues to have the highest unemployment rate of large cities, with 14.9%. ( CNN/Money ) Another example of how the downturn has hit every area differently. ( Recessionwire )

A recent Gallup poll indicates that drinkers don’t seem to care that there is a recession. ( Baltimore Sun )

During the building boom, hundreds of thousands of homes were built, often with shoddy construction.  Now, many of the owners of these almost-new homes need repairs that they can’t afford. ( Wall Street Journal )

Carlos Watson is concerned that the economy’s course will resemble a “W” - dropping precipitously, beginning to recover, then dropping again before ultimately climbing. ( The Stimulist )

41 percent of women who snack claim their snacking habits have been affected by the slowing economy. ( Washington Post )

Did homeowners really cause the Great Recession? ( Forbes )