The XX Factor

Rececession Briefing 7.7

Sperm banks and donor agencies say the recession is prompting a surge in calls from people who hope to make money by donating their sperm or eggs. ( USA Today )

Pamplona, Spain, is known for daredevils sprinting with one-ton fighting bulls. But a new brand of jitters has set in at one of the world’s great fiestas as businesses ponder the partypooping impact of economic woes. ( Associated Press )

A group of the biggest U.S. banks said they would stop accepting California’s IOUs on Friday. ( Wall Street Journal )

Campgrounds are filling with permanent residents seeking a less-expensive lifestyle. Campground operators say it’s an enticing option for both retired people and younger adults who have fallen on hard times. ( Associated Press via FoxNews )

A company called the Real Estate Disposition Corporation has held more than 400 events since May of 2007, putting up for auction more than 50,000 foreclosed houses and condominiums. ( New York Times )

The economy faces a climb to get back to full employment, but the worst job losses may now be in the rearview mirror. One indicator to watch for: a bump in average hours worked. ( Christian Science Monitor )

Time spent playing video games and used game purchases are up, and in fact way up over the past several months. ( PC World )

Spas across the United States appear recession-proof as record numbers of Americans pay for treatments from massages to manicures to deal with stress amid the global financial crisis. ( Reuters )

With the luxury industry reeling from the global financial crisis, the future of haute couture - and its $28,000-plus dresses - looks anything but certain. ( Associated Press )

U.S. cities are looking for novel solutions to fill the empty parcels of land that are slated for development but left undeveloped due to the recession. ( United Press International )