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My Social Life is My Weekend Job

This is one of several reader responses we’ve published responding to the question “What have you given up in the recession?” Read more reader responses and Emily Bazelon’s related story on recession concessions . Next question: What haven’t you given up, despite the recession? Send answers to us at .

First I gave up cable TV, internet and a fancy apartment in an upscale neighborhood, then just before Christmas I gave up weekends and I haven’t had one since. When they cut overtime at my current job, I took a second job in order to keep my head above water. I work 40-43 hours a week at my day job and an additional 25-30 hours at my second workplace. I have only had two actual days off since Christmas Day. Needless to say my social life is essentially non-existent, if and when I do go out it is usually with a few people from my retail job. I miss sleeping in on Saturdays and not having to have every second scheduled, but if it means I can get through this recession without moving back in with my parents or losing my car, then I suppose I can handle it. I have lost several friends because of my lack of availability and I don’t always think they understand that if I didn’t have to work two jobs I most certainly wouldn’t, but I have met some great new people at the bookstore where I work. In addition I am lucky because I happen to really enjoy my second job and worse comes to worst I always have one job if I were to lose the other. In the future when things (hopefully) improve, I know I will never take my weekends for granted again!!