The XX Factor

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Emily , I agree with you that Jenny Sanford should stop talking to the media. When a husband describes his affair with another woman not as a regrettable indiscretion but as “a love story” and refers to said woman as his “soul mate” and to his wife as someone he’s trying to fall back in love with, does it not beg the question: Why is Jenny Sanford trying to save her marriage? She talks about the need to preserve her children’s dignity but what about her own dignity? Hasn’t she read He’s Just Not That Into You or at least seen the movie? I say cut him loose so he can be with his Argentine sparkle and Jenny can start finding herself a new love who thinks enough of her not to go on international dates and prattle on and on about it for days to the national media.

I think rather than over-sharing her anger with amused reporters and publicly unloading all that emotional baggage, she’d be better off packing up her hubby’s clothes and personal belongings in some beat-up, old luggage and leaving them on the sidewalk in front of the State House. This simple act would speak louder than anything she could actually say. Hanna, I’m clearly siding with Maureen Dowd.