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At Least the Recession’s Green

This is one of several reader responses we’ve published responding to the question “What have you given up in the recession?” Read more reader responses and Emily Bazelon’s related story on recession concessions . Next question: What haven’t you given up, despite the recession? Send answers to us at .

I do understand the complications and devastations that many people are going through right now, although it has not affected my family or me…yet. But I do have a positive note to report! I’m a university student, and it seems that my generation is increasingly more concerned about protecting the environment than those who are possibly being affected most, the middle-aged working class age.

I think that the benefit of the recession may be that it is forcing people to cut back on frivolous things, on things that are bad for them and the environment. I have heard stories of families saving money by selling their vehicles and opting for public transit…where I live, plastic grocery bags now cost 5 cents extra, which makes bringing a reusable bag more of a money saving motivation. I don’t wish to downplay the hard times that people are going through, but I do want to stress that a change in what people are used to doing might be a good thing for a lot of people, and force them to look at how they’re living, and if there are new cost-efficient (and probably greener) ways!