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Would You Rather Be Remembered as Sex Symbol or Sidekick?

This seems to be the week for obituary headlines I hope I never have. On the New York Times homepage now, Farrah Fawcett is called ” A Sex Symbol Who Wanted to Be More .” Pretty pathetic, but not quite as bad as the treatment Ed McMahon got on the hompeage on Tuesday: “Quintessential sidekick.” (The headline on the article itself isn’t much kinder, calling him the ” top second banana .”) Sidekick … who wanted to be more? The headline didn’t specify, but one can only assume that “second banana” is not anyone’s first aspiration.

So in the spirit of Emily Yoffe’s excellent poll on whether you’d rather be the wife of Sanford or Spitzer (which is generating some thoughtful replies in the comments section ), I’ll offer another “which is worse”: Would you rather your obituary call you a sex symbol who wanted to be more, or a quintessential sidekick? Which ranks lower on the degrading scale? Now I’m wondering what they’ll say about Michael Jackson, hopefully something a little less depressing. Place your vote in the comments section below.