The XX Factor

The “Myth” of Female Ejaculation

Recently, British film censors cut a movie scene where a woman appeared to ejaculate, because they believed the fluid must be urine, and British obscenity laws forbid urinating on fellow actors. But female ejaculation is a well documented medical phenomenon, according to this history of female ejaculation in the New Scientist , and only resisted by the medical establishment because, well, women can’t be equal in everything.

The Kama Sutra mentions “female semen.” One 17th century Dutch physician mentioned “liquid as usually comes from the pudenda in one gush.” The researcher who discovered the  “G” spot and then named it after himself documented cases involving so much liquid they required a large towel to clean up.


More recently, a few gifted women have demonstrated for dumbstruck gynecologists. But the establishment insists this is just some form of incontinence. Sharon Moalem, an evolutionary biologist at Mount Sinai and author of How Sex Works , is out to prove them wrong. She has tested the fluid to prove that it has low urea, a hallmark of urine. In her singular quest for equality she is out to prove that the fluid originates in a female prostate-a part of female anatomy often left out of women’s anatomy textbooks. She is even studying whether it has the same chemicals that are found in semen.