The XX Factor

Roadtripping with David Lynch

Have you ever wanted to go on a road trip with David Lynch , but felt trepidatious about taking to the highway with the singular, seminal, strange director of Blue Velvet , Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive for fear it would turn epically bizarre, necessarily lead to you fleeing, as fast as possible, from someone beyond creepy and mysterious, and give you unsettling, extremely vivid dreams likely to involve riddle-spewing dwarfs? Lucky for you, the David Lynch road trip experience is now available to be had without having to get into an automobile with Mr. Lynch and his herky-jerky, non-site specific elocution. You will probably still have freaky dreams.

Lynch’s latest endeavor is Interview Project , a 121-part documentary series streaming on the web, composed of short interviews with regular Americans. Lynch’s crew found the subjects while traipsing across the country, via car, and each one seems to have come straight from David Lynch’s central casting-which is to say, they are stupendous reminders that the truth is stranger than fiction. A lot stranger. Only three shorts into the series (one new interview will be posted every three days for the next year), and we’ve met an Arizonan who is waiting to get back together with his soulmate after he finishes up probation, for burying someone without a permit, and we’ve met an extremely effete Native American whose sister slashed his face with a knife. He loves her anyway. It’s the WPA oral history project conducted by the guy who made Eraserhead . Best road trip ever?