The XX Factor

Rest in Peace, Jill Munroe

Farrah Fawcett paid dearly for being a beauty queen with great hair and very white teeth . In the beginning it must have been fun to be a contestant on the Dating Game , marry a 6-million-dollar man , become an Angel (then an ex-angel ), and have her own personal complicated love story with Oliver Barrett IV . But through it all, she was more of an image than a real person: a one-dimensional cover girl whose real life fell short in so many ways. Being a former sex symbol must have been difficult. Illness and addiction don’t have to follow, but objectification can’t be that great for the soul.

I see her great love, Ryan O’Neal was about to marry her before her death. He announced it to Barbara Walters on 20/20 . How romantic. I bet the nuptials would have made the cover of People despite the editor Larry Hackett all but telling the New York Times recently the next Fawcett cover would merit a black border . I guess she ran out of time for a wedding but O’Neal honored her spirit in the end. He did what caring folks do when a loved one dies. He called a tabloid .