The XX Factor

Recession Briefing 6.3

With American college costs rising, and the American dollar strong against the Canadian currency,  more and more high school students are looking to Canadian universities for their college education. ( New York Times / The Choice )

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is feeling the effects of the recession first-hand : Having moved his family to Washington, he has found himself unable to sell the family’s suburban home in New York - and now is renting it out instead. ( Associated Press )

High-rolling broker to waiter: Some former Wall Street employees, highly trained and accustomed to comfortable salaries, are finding themselves forced to accept low-wage work. ( Wall Street Journal )

Several large banks that received bailouts are “eagerly awaiting” an okay from the Federal government to pay the money back. ( Washington Post )

The impact of high food and fuel prices in early 2008 and the deepening recession later in the year  made the world more violent and unstable in the last year , according to a new study. ( Reuters )

The biggest challenge confronting marketers is how to deal with the Meineke mind-set - “I’m not going to pay a lot for this muffler!” - consumers have adopted as a result of the recession. ( New York Times )

Retailers have already begun aggressive advertising campaigns, but consumers say they are planning to spend less on their dear old dads this father’s day. ( Reuters )

Cutting back with class: “Being frugal involves skimping on yourself and being cheap means skimping on others - whether in terms of money or thoughtfulness.” ( Washington Post /Small Change )

MillerCoors sees beer sales growth slowing less rapidly in the downturn than that of wine and spirits . ( Reuters )

For some families, tough economic times mean more time spent together. ( Associated Press )