The XX Factor

Recession Briefing 6.15

Vegeta ble seed producers and merchants across the country are reporting sales increases of as much as 75% this year , and even some shortages, especially of staples like beans, potatoes and lettuces. ( Washington Post )

Fake furloughs: Some workers work through their unpaid vacations, because they fear for the long-term safety of their positions and hope their self-sacrifice impresses the management. ( New York Times )

The downturn is forcing men to spend more time at home, altering roles everywhere from the laundry room to the child-care center. ( Christian Science Monitor )

The working poor have already been living in an economic depression of their own, notes Barbara Ehrenreich. From their point of view “the economy,” as a shared condition, is a fiction. ( New York Times )

Bridesmaid expenses are increasingly turning into dealbreakers for broke friends . ( ABC News )

Is U.S. home equity down 20% or more as a result of the recession? ( Los Angeles Times )

Unlike the labor market collapse that killed millions of U.S. jobs in a matter of months, the nation’s return to peak employment will not be nearly as uniform nor as swift . ( McClatchy Newspapers )

During these days of downsizing, many singles have no choice but to move their date from the It-restaurant to a picnic at the park. ( Atlanta Journal-Constitution )

A veteran of Indiana’s RV industry tells his story of small-town collapse and life after layoffs. ( CNN/Money )

A number of colleges and universities are cutting back on financial aid to students , just when the need is greatest. ( Daily Finance )