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MGMT Video Is Way Crueler Than David After Dentist

When the David after the dentist video came out, we had a good conversation about whether it was wrong for the father to post this video of his son all drugged up and in pain. Hanna cried foul , but some of us agreed it was funny-and harmless-enough to be worth the potential privacy invasion . Not so with the latest music video from MGMT , in which a baby is tormented by scary monsters who hover over his crib, grab him with their scary monster claws, and follow him and his flighty mother around town. What a relief around the five-minute mark, when the kid morphs into a cartoon version of himself. Torment the cartoon child all you want! But leave the real one alone!

You can watch the video below-feel free to skip the first minute of undulating flames. What do others think? Nina , Susannah , you thought the David video was “charming” and “awesome.” But do you agree this one goes too far?