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Hey Older Ladies: Cooper Boone Wants You to Feel Sexy

‘Cougar Dream’ is Anthem for Hot Mamas Everywhere , was the subject of the press release. I clicked through to the song, expecting to hear a woman crooning about her conquest of some sex-toy “cub” (like what The Big Money ‘s Chad Matlin could have been , if only he worked that room a little harder!). Turns out the cougar anthem for hot mamas is sung by a man. It’s his dream. One in which a “smokin’ hot granny” who’s “on the prowl” rescues him on the highway and preys on his young manflesh. Well, he says it’s his dream. But seems patronizing to me.

In the press release, the psychologist-turned-singer Cooper Boone explains that ” ‘Cougar Dream’ comes from hearing older women talk about feeling invisible in a youth-centered world. He says he “wanted to write an upbeat song that honors ladies out there who might not be 22 but are still out there living a full life and looking great!”

Does this seem cloying and condescending to anyone else? I’ll admit that I’m terrified of fading into invisibility as I age. But I don’t think I’d take much comfort from some young guy calling me a “smokin’ hot granny” because he thinks that’s what I need to hear to feel good about myself. Or, worse, because that’s his way of “honoring” me.