The XX Factor

Gov. Sanford Delivers Love Sonnet to Mistress

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who’d been missing for several days, gave an incredible press conference this afternoon about his affair with a mystery woman in Argentina. Most of these affair admissions last minutes, no questions. But Sanford went on and on, taking questions, delivering long sonnets to the forbidden love between him and Miss Argentina. He spent the last few days with her holed up and “crying,”-a detail I’m sure his “absolute jewel” of a wife would love to know. He decided that yes, there was something “real” there “from a heart level” but because of various obligations-his wife and also his “fiduciary relationship” with South Carolinians, he couldn’t go through with it. And then my favorite moment-he actually shushed the press so he could narrate the whole love story, including how they met. If anyone doubts that Christianity is going through a sexy moment , here is your proof. Their relationship started with him counseling her that she should go back to her husband and children because it’s “God’s law.” After that, things got steamy.