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Does Your Husband Belong in the 1930s?

Via Fark -a 1933 “Test for Husbands” (in two parts ) that offers points and demerits for various behaviors. How would your husband shape up?

Reads the newspaper at the table: 1 demerit
Reads newspaper, books, or magazines aloud to wife: 1 point
Talks of the efficiency of his stenographer or other women: 1 demerit
Gives wife real movie kisses, not dutiful “pecks” on the cheek: 1 point

Points off, too, for being too much of a bookworm, kissing your wife right after she’s applied her makeup, and writing on the tablecloth. Luckily, a husband can win a whole 20 points-the most awarded in the entire quiz!-for being “ardent, considerate, and sensitive in relations” … Does that mean what I think it means? Who knew married couples in the ‘30s were all about bumping connubial uglies?

Minneapolis journalist and veteran blogger James Lileks apparently found this retro gem in the offices of the Star Tribune ; a test for wives and parents is promised in coming days.

Of course, the real question is: How would Obama fare on this point system?