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Tina Brown to Elizabeth Edwards: Think of the Children!

Hanna, you masterfully parse Elizabeth Edwards’ public persona , but you don’t really touch on the other people who might be affected by her ill-fated tale. No, I’m not talking about John. I’m talking about her children: Catharine, Emma, and Jack. When Edwards was on the Today show earlier this week, she said she wrote the revealing Resilience explicitly for her children. This morning, Tina Brown and Gloria Allred argued in front of Today ‘s Meredith Vieira about whether or not Elizabeth’s choice to speak out about her husband’s affair was a good one.

Gloria was staunchly pro-Edwards. She said that Elizabeth was revealing herself “with dignity,” as she had done everything else in her life. Tina was anti-Edwards. She upheld Hillary Clinton as the model of how to weather a cheating husband in public, because she barely acknowledged Bill’s wandering eye. Tina described the situation as “squalid” and added “I regret that [Elizabeth] used her book to drag everyone into this.”

Are you with Tina, thinking Elizabeth’s young children must be damaged by their mother’s public discussion of their father’s philandering? Or do you side with Gloria, who believes that Elizabeth is being a good role model for her offspring by showing them that life is “complicated”?