The XX Factor

The Erotic House of Peter Saville

In case you haven’t heard, magazines are dying right and left. Who knows which one will be next? One day, that may be the sound of Anna Wintour’s head rolling across the floor. Not unlike the adult movie industry, which thought it was so ahead of the curve, technologically-speaking, that it neglected to jump on the Internet bandwagon until its product had gotten away from them and it was far, far too late, magazines and newspapers have failed to exploit the Web to their advantage. Now, they’re suffering for it.


No one will ever say so of Nick Knight , the British fashion photographer who created , a website dedicated to closing the gap between high fashion and aspirational fashionistas. Most recently, Knight pulled back the curtain on a provocative shoot for Wallpaper* magazine’s sex-themed July issue. On a set art directed by designer Peter Saville , Knight shot model Mariacarla Boscono et al. for a stripped-down, hyper-sexualized layout that, according to the site, ” fetishis[ed] furniture, fashion and flesh alike.” But rather than play the engimatic editorial game in which readers have to wait months to see by-then bygone fashions, SHOWStudio live-streamed the whole thing so you could peek behind the scenes at life live on a fashion shoot. And they tweeted it , too.

Now, the full series of clips from the shoot are available online. Be forewarned, the videos, which can be found here , feature more than one female breast and at least one not-turned-on sex machine. In other words, they’re NSFW-unless you work for a bondage gear manufacturer in Karachi, Pakistan, that is.