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Double XXers:

We’re hoping you will help us with an ambitious new project. Over the next months, we’re partnering with the Center for Work-Life Policy to take a close look at what companies are actually like to work for. And we need your input. Our ambition is to come up with data from our readers about the reality of their workplace. Many companies say they’ve got great flextime policies-but when push comes to shove, that promise goes out the door. And the recession is reshaping work and life in all sorts of ways.

So we need you to fill out this questionnaire . And pass it to your friends. You’re welcome to answer just one question, but we hope you’ll answer many. We’ll consider your comments publishable unless you state otherwise. (We’ll take care to keep you anonymous if you request, though.) The main thing, though, is that we want you to participate. Over the next few months, we’ll begin reporting on what we discover.

So: How does your workplace measure up? Take the survey and join the conversation.