The XX Factor

Recession Briefing 5.21

Faltering country clubs are finding that they have to get a little less exclusive in order to make ends meet. ( Washington Post )

Doctors are reporting more canceled appointments and fewer preventive-care visits than before the recession began. ( Kansas City Star )

Americans are not moving en masse because of the Great Recession, unlike the exodus from the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression. Instead, they are staying put more than they did before the downturn. ( Slate )

European surveys found the recession easing in May , reinforcing hopes that growth may emerge possibly by the end of the year. ( Associated Press )

Neal Templin writes about losing a major chunk of his nest egg over the past year, and how that is affecting his investment plans for the future. ( Wall Street Journal )

“The recent optimism that ‘green shoots’ of recovery will lead to the recession to bottom out by the middle of this year … appears grossly misplaced,” writes Nouriel Roubini. ( Forbes )

A deepening confidence from financial markets is lifting the economy , but unemployment is likely to remain elevated until at least 2011. ( Washington Post )

Young artists talk about how the recession is affecting their lives - and their art. ( New York Times )

With fewer people plunking down big bucks for expensive wines, rare vintages are now much easier for collectors to find. ( Chicago Sun-Times )

The recession has presumably added value to two domain names which are going on the auction block this week: and ( Boston Herald )