The XX Factor

Recession Briefing 5.14

Despite the sour economy, mainstream music has been remarkably free of songs about tough times. Country music seems to be the exception. ( Associated Press )

Dollar stores are cleaning up: Nearly half of all U.S. households now shop at the low-price stores each month . ( Los Angeles Times )

Faced with tough economic realities, more adult children are moving back into their parents’ homes. The AARP found that 11% of adults between 35 and 44 were living with their parents or in-laws. ( New York Times )

More than half (55 per cent) of employees are working from home more frequently since the financial crisis began. ( BusinessWeek )

New unemployment claims rose to 637,000 last week , despite expectations that they would fall. Ongoing claims also set a record at 6.56 million. ( Bloomberg )

With a growing number of people competing for a dwindling number of job openings, some employers are driving down pay and benefits for new hires. ( Associated Press )

Not so long ago, three-button power suits - slickly conservative, oversize and overpriced - blared of Wall Street success. Now, with banking out of fashion, the suits are remaining on the racks at retail stores. ( New York Times )

Responding to the recession, many top universities are shrinking their PhD programs. ( Inside Higher Ed )

Many Americans are driving less in order to save money, but with gas prices down from last summer road trips are poised to make a comeback . ( Wall Street Journal )

Retail sales fell unexpectedly in April, indicating that rising unemployment is prompting consumers to conserve cash. ( Bloomberg )

Tips for using credit to help you manage your cash flow and get back to the work of delivering great products and services. ( Recessionwire )

Direct-sales businesses that rely on home-based representatives to peddle their wares are seeing their sales forces rapidly expand. ( USA Today )