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Quiz: Do You Make Other People Happy?

Every Wednesday is Tip Day … or Quiz Day.
This Wednesday: Quiz: Do you make other people happy?

As put forth by the Second Splendid Truth :
One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy;

one of the best ways to make other people is to be happy yourself .

Everyone accepts the Second Splendid Truth, Part A; however, Part B often isn’t as clear to people. But to focus on Part A here—how do you know if you’re making other people happy? What are some signs?

Are the following statements true for you:

  • Do people seem to feel comfortable confiding in you?
  • Do people follow your recommendations?
  • Are you a source of material comfort or security for someone else?
  • Do people whom you’ve introduced often go on to have a continuing relationship?
  • Do people seem to drift toward you? Join a conversation that you’re having or sit down next to you at a meeting?
  • Are you providing opportunities for other people—job leads, blind dates, contacts in a new city?
  • Do people whom you hardly remember go out of their way to greet you warmly? Say, an intern who worked in your office three years ago or a former student?
  • Do people seem to want to connect with you—by making plans or by e-mailing, calling, or texting?
  • Do people seem energized by you? Do they smile and laugh in your presence?

Notice some items that are not on the list:

  • Do people remember your birthday?
  • Do people give you presents (say, for Mother’s Day, or in recognition of an important milestone)?
  • Do people express appreciation and gratitude for your efforts?

Even if you’re making people happy, they don’t always respond by making these gestures (which can be annoying).

A while back, I posted a quiz, ” Are You the Person Whom Everyone Else Finds Difficult? ” It was a lot easier to think of signs that you make people unhappy than you make people happy —perhaps because of the negativity bias . What am I missing? I feel like I’ve overlooked some obvious indicators. What are some other good signs that you make people happy?

* Many thoughtful readers have sent me the link to a fascinating article from The Atlantic , ” What Makes Us Happy? ” It’s a great piece, plus I know the writer, Joshua Wolf Shenk, a little bit, which made it even more fun to read it.

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