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Newt Gingrich to Jon Stewart: “Why Don’t You Talk Pelosi and I’ll Smile?’

As Slate columnist John Dickerson pointed out late last week , by saying that the CIA “misleads us all the time,” Nancy Pelosi “put the spotlight on herself and has given weakened Republicans a fight they can enjoy, engage in, and possibly win.” Newt Gingrich took to The Daily Show last night to promote his new book, 5 Principles for a Successful Life , but before getting into the heart of his shill, he called for Pelosi to step down from her post as speaker of the house:

I don’t care if she stays in Congress. To be speaker of the house means you’re third in line for president, it means you have access to all the national security, it means you have a responsibility for the safety of the country. Now a person who would lie about everybody in the intelligence community in the middle of a war is utterly irrational. Now she either has to prove her allegation, or I think she’s done a huge disservice. Why would anyone from the CIA ever want to brief the speaker of the house?

Clip below.

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