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Liz Lemon: “You Have Sexually Transmitted Crazy Mouth. Deal Breaker!’

Last night’s season finale of 30 Rock wasn’t the best episode of the season-the A and B plots didn’t hang together especially well-but the episode provided some of the best lines of the year. The Liz Lemon plot revolved around her sudden fame as a relationship advice-giver. Liz had written a character for show-within-a-show star Jenna that inspired the catchphrase, “It’s a dealbreaker, ladies.” As a result, Liz and Jenna got invited on a Tyra-esque talk show to dole out similarly pat relationship counsel.

Poking fun at female-centric institutions (the trashy talk show; the cheesy, useless, he’s-just-not-that-into-you-style romantic advice book) is where Tina Fey shines-it harkens back to her Mean Girls roots. The advice Fey’s Lemon gives to desperate audience members is completely priceless. “You have sexually transmitted crazy mouth,” she tells one woman. “Deal breaker.” To another woman, whose stylish boyfriend is about 10 times more attractive than she is, Lemon says, “You have a classic case of fruit blindness. Deal breaker.” And my personal favorite, “S that D. Shut it down.” In this clip , Liz starts giving advice to her co-workers’ disgruntled spouses, causing Tracy Jordan’s wife to cry, “Teach it like you preach it Liz Lemon!” Lord, will I miss that woman during those 30 Rock -free summer months.