The XX Factor

Kate Gosselin’s Hair Frightens Me

This week, is there a tabloid that doesn’t feature Jon and Kate Gosselin of TLC’s mega-spawn reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” fame? Today, Kate vomited her guts to People , revealing that her marriage to the man with whom she fathered a pair of twins and a set of sextuplets may be deeply in the crapper. Rumor has it he cheated on her with a school teacher. Other rumors claim she cheated on him with their bodyguard . (Bodyguard? Who knew having so many children could be so… Bond ?) Whatever’s going on with those two, I’m not surprised, since more than anything else Kate has become the shiny new postergirl for those ladies who threaten to topple the bad mommies brigade: the bad wives club .

Personally, I’m less interested in the Gosselin’s test-tube babies and their supposed extramarital affairs than I am in Kate’s hair . What is the deal ? You can see it here . Or here . A frightening asymmetrical mashup of stripes and spikes, part bob and part pixie, a cartoonish mix of blond and brunette hair shingles, it looks like someone took a blender to it. Once upon a time, Kate had normal mom hair. Short. A little choppy. Whatever. Now, it’s crazy. Dlisted deems her freakdo a ” reverse mullet ,” which I guess means party in the front and business in the back? I look at it and see a possum attached to the back of her head, wild in a frenzy of chewing and scratching, and then, voilà , Kate walked out the door.

Apparently, I am alone in my confusion regarding what is now known as the “Kate Gosselin Bob.” For busy moms on the go, it’s the new new hairdo! Here’s how to do it yourself in eight complicated steps ! Or style yourself there ! I guess I can’t quite figure out what it all means . Because what that hairdo says to me is, “I’m a mom. And you know what? I’m insane .”